HouseSitterKC provides services based on respect for your home and three core values:

  1. Trust - I’ll treat your home as my own, leaving the contents undisturbed. Smoking will not occur in your home.
  2. Responsibility - I’ll be the only person to enter your home, and will reach you immediately if anything needs attention.
  3. Privacy - Your identity, travel dates and our arrangements won't be shared with others.

Available services provided by HouseSitterKC include:

  • Visit and inspect the home 2-4 times weekly
  • Spend time in the home if desired for a lived-in appearance
  • Install, set and monitor timers to light the home’s interior
  • Program thermostats to safe and economical temperatures
  • Set and restore alarm systems; serve as Contact #1 for your alarm provider
  • Sort and send unopened mail 
  • Ship that item you forgot to pack - your prescription sunglasses, for example
  • Collect newspapers for retention or recycle
  • Set trash out per providers’ schedules and return containers
  • Confirm visits by text or email, including pictures or video
  • Monitoring of extreme weather and implementation of precautionary measures including: 
    • flushing toilets
    • checking or dripping faucets to inhibit frozen water pipes
    • looking for water seepage or downed limbs following storms
  • Start automobiles periodically 
  • Deliver limited grocery necessities on day of return
  • Coordinate routine visits by service technicians or home-cleaning services
  • Receive your online orders at my home or office and deliver to your home
  • Water plants

Occupied or empty, the responsibilities of a home continue. A house sitter can provide a lived-in appearance, deter disruptions and be a difference-maker by quickly alerting you to unexpected issues after they occur.

HouseSitterKC is not a home repair and maintenance service. Yard work, snow removal, pool maintenance, dog/cat care or similar services are best handled by your preferred providers.