Your Story

Active Senior

You’re an active senior - so says AARP - perhaps retired or semi-retired, and have the time and good health to travel. You may be away for days, weeks or months at a time visiting children, grandchildren or longtime friends. Although you may have adult-aged children in town, their schedules or location may not favor watching your home when you travel.

Empty Nester

Your children are away at college or live out of town. You're not retired but you have flexibility to work remotely. It's your time, when either or both of you can be away without the traditional urgency to return. Alternately, you may be single and enjoy traveling alone or with a group. 


You’re a professional who attends industry meetings, speaks at conferences, leads seminars or has multi-week, on-site consulting engagements. Or, perhaps you're a “road warrior” with responsibilities that require frequent travel, keeping you away from home.  

Young Family

You’re younger, with school-aged children. Christmas or Spring Break are family time.  Your kids go to sleep-away camps or have other activities in the summer, and you and your spouse use the freedom to enjoy a long-sought “grown-up” vacation, as you did what now seems a lifetime ago.